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Bringing content to the point

An explanatory video offers you the opportunity to explain complex issues in an understandable way. The point is to bring the most important content exactly to the point. This is sometimes not so easy, because explainer videos have to wrap up a lot of information in little time. To ensure that your explainer video presents processes, products or other content in the best possible way, we offer Capitofilm, our brand for explainer videos. We are specialists for simple, understandable and meaningful explanatory videos and develop a solution together with you that combines all of these. It’s self-explanatory.

Illustrate topics through animation

The secret of a good explainer video is to attract the target audience not only in terms of content, but also visually. It must not only be able to explain what it is about, but also illustrate each topic. We work with you to develop an explainer video that suits them. Each of our explainer videos embodies an individual customer – and therefore an individual look. Matching your company, we create your content in a unique design. With appropriate animations, your explainer video comes to life and stands out from the rest. 

Convince customers and employees

Our explainer videos are diverse and offer you numerous uses. On your platforms, explainer videos can appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whether it’s for your customers, for your employees, or at exhibitions. Whenever people want to understand how your company, products or services work, your explainer video will achieve it. This not only saves time and effort, but is also appealing. Thus, our explainer videos convince not only you, but all the people to whom you want to explain facts.
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Your target audience understands complex and difficult topics through compelling storytelling.
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Everyone has 60 to 120 seconds to watch an explainer film. An optimal length to keep the attention of your target audience.
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Use your explainer video not only on standard platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and your website, but also for meetings, customer presentations, mailings and campaigns.

Benefits of an Explainer Video

Benefit for Customers

With your explainer video you give your customers a simple tool to understand processes, products or services of your company. Especially when it comes to complicated issues, it helps customers to get an audiovisual insight into the topic.

Benefit for Employees

It is important for your employees to always be up to date with the company they work for. Explainer videos give you the opportunity to inform your employees about new processes. Often, new processes are complex. With explainer videos you can present information in an understandable way.

Benefit for Stakeholders

With the help of explainer videos, you can ensure that your stakeholders know about important issues without having to delve too deeply into the subject matter. This gives them an overview of what is happening in just a few minutes. A good explainer video can be used at any time.


90% of DAX-companies use explainer videos.*

We are your competent partner regarding all things explainer videos. Custom-drawn, promptly produced and based on a strong story, our explainer videos deliver value at a clear and fair price.

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*Source: forbes

This is how the process of your film production looks like

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We discuss your goals together and advise you on implementation options.
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02. Story

Our creative professionals take care of a smart and moving story.
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03. Lookboard

After you approve the script, a lookboard will be created for your explainer video.
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04. Animation

Your story comes to life. Your product or service is animated. We pay special attention to smooth and intelligent transitions.
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05. Dubbing and Music

The right speaker voice and music are important. You choose from our proposals.
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06. Completion

You will receive your finished explainer video. Now it’s time: Distribute it on all channels.


What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a communication tool that serves to explain abstract concepts, processes, facts or problems in a simplified way and in a way that is close to the target group. The use of graphic elements and animations is characteristic. The style ranges from iconographic and geometric animations to cartoons and animations on real footage.

What does an Explainer Video cost?

Capitofilm offers you a fixed price model that covers all necessary production steps. The price ranges from 7900 – 9900 € per minute, depending on the effort and style. Additional costs will apply for specific requirements such as multilingual versions, well-known speakers, use for cinema and TV, or very tight time frames.

What can you achieve with an Explainer Video?

With your explainer video, complex issues can be explained simply and understandably. Supported by a suitable design, an explainer video breaks down the essential pieces of information and gives your viewers a good overview of the topic. That way, your target group gets to know your company further.

How long does the Explainer Video production take?

The production time of a film depends on its length, how it is made, and the style. For example, particularly detailed animations or multiple language versions need more time. Basically, the production time of a one-minute video is 1 to 2 weeks from the approval of the script.

How does the production of an Explainer Video work?

Our explainer videos are created in close cooperation with you. You tell us your wishes and ideas and we create the script based on them. If this is suitable for you, we plan the lookboard, which determines the presentation of the content. After the script and lookboard have been approved by you, we animate, add sound and music. At last, the final approval follows.

Who will write the script for my explainer video?

You don’t have to write the script. One of our strengths lies precisely here – in the editorial area. This means that we create a script for your explainer video based on the ideas that you have expressed to us in detail in advance in the briefing. Of course, the script will only be used once it has been approved by you.

What makes Capitofilm different from other Explainer Video productions?

Capitofilm has a unique concept. We work individually and customized, so that our Explainer Videos match you. Our design standards are at the highest level. Only when the look fits perfectly, we are satisfied. We don’t like lengthy processes – with us, the implementation is fast and reliable.

Can we also produce versions for social media?

Of course, we also produce explainer video versions that are ideally suited for your various social media channels. These can be short versions of 15 or 30 seconds or special video formats, such as 16:9 or square.

Can an Explainer Videos be produced in different languages?

Of course, this is possible. Of course, there are different solutions. Depending on the explainer video, the versions must be dubbed by different speakers or, for example, the text elements must be completely replaced. For some explainer videos, subtitles are also suitable.

Which target groups can I reach with an explainer video?

Depending on whether you want to explain processes, products or services and who should receive this information, all possible target groups are conceivable. Customers, employees, business partners – the audience can be diverse.

What content can be presented in an Explainer Video?

Your Explainer Video describes complex interrelations. Therefore, it is suitable, for example, for illustrating sophisticated products, certain services or even complicated processes that characterize the way your company works. Everything that can be explained is suitable content for your explainer video.

Where can I use Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos can be used in a very versatile way. Whether on your website, on various channels of your social media or even for presentations and fairs. The fact that they are short in time makes them suitable for a wide variety of platforms.

What decides the design of the Explainer Video?

Your explainer video should fit you and your company. That’s why we always take the corporate identity of your company as a guideline when it comes to the look of your video. It is important to us that the explainer video reflects your look and also appeals to your target group. Adapted to this, we then develop a very special design, resulting in a coherent end result.

You can find more questions and answers hier (FAQ …)

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