Client: Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Project: Image film

Year: 2017

The LMU movie


One of the most prestigious universities in Germany wants to show how attractive studying, teaching and research is. The Ludwig-Maximilians-University’s film is meant to attract students, employees, professors as well as alumni.


We did a lot of research about what the university’s essence is. For everyone involved. It is the huge topic: Knowledge. This is how we created a film with a well-considered script. The narrator is thinking over what knowledge means to him. He takes the audience on a journey to the world of the LMU. All shown places are related to the university and were shot in and around Munich. Without naming the university or its excellency, the film makes people curious about knowledge and studying in this location.


On 25 days we shot at different locations and faculties – there are 18 departments – in and around the university as well as institutions that are related to the LMU like the Deutsches Museum, the students’ sports facilities, the alte Pinakothek or the Wendelstein observatory in Bayrischzell. The film comes with a composition of the university’s choir and the voice of LMU alumno Max Felder.


80.000 Facebook in only five days. Shared more than 350 times and comments like  „Wow“, „The moment when YouTube motivates you with your exams” and “Didn’t know yet that we’re studying at the most sympathetic uni ever!”

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