Our Proudest Moments

14x Prix Victoria, 2x German Corporate Film Award, 1x German Web Video Award and many more ...


Okay, admittedly: This is our show-off page, we just had to do it. But hey: The most important image film award of Germany twice in only three years. The Cannes Corporate Video Award. The web video award for the satire “S’Lebn is a Freid!”. Needless to say, we’re hungry for more. The good work of our team is rewarded. And that makes us incredibly proud.

Special award for Employer Communication as part of the German Prize for Corporate Communication.

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Siemens AG, “The oldest start-up”, 2018

The “Internationale Wirtschaftsfilmtage” is the oldest festival for business film in the German-speaking world. It has been taking place in Austria every two years since 1963. The prize is awarded to films that deal with aspects of business life.

The 20 categories of the competition are diverse and range from classic corporate and marketing films to contributions on technology, research, environment and health. The categories also include tourism and exhibition films, TV business documentaries and web videos.

We consider ourselves lucky that our films are among the winners.

GRIMME, Grand Prix Victoria, 2020
GRIMME, Gold for Best Image Film, 2020
GRIMME, Black Victoria for Best Screenplay, 2020
GRIMME, Gold for Best Recruiting Film, 2020
GICHD, Gold for Best Video for CSR/Non-Profit, 2020
KfH, Gold for Best Medical Film, 2020
Siemens AG, Gold, 2018
Siemens AG, Black Victoria, 2018
Avantgarde Experts, Silver, 2016
festool, Gold for Best Music / Sound Design, 2010
festool, Silver, 2010

hasenkamp, Gold for Best Editing, 2010
hasenkamp, Silver, 2010
Bain & Company, Silver, 2008

One of the most prestigious film awards in Germany. Awarded annually by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to the best films featuring or explaining companies or the economy in general.

Avantgarde Experts,“The Mother of all Recruiting Videos”, 2015
Knauf, Our Values – A global journey, 2013

One of the most prestigious film awards in Germany. Awarded annually by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to the best films featuring or explaining companies or the economy in general.

FAZ, 2016
Avantgarde Experts,
“The Mother of all Recruiting Videos”, 2015
Knauf, Our Values – A global journey, 2013
hasenkamp, 2009

The German Web Video Prize acknowledges the creation of landmark online videos from German-speaking countries and creators.

Sigma, Obstandl Didi, 2014

Every year, the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards recognise the world’s best corporate films, as well as online and TV productions. It is the only festival in the legendary European film city Cannes dedicated solely to corporate communication.

Avantgarde Experts, Gold, 2016

International Award for the best television, movie and radio productions. Nominated films are judged by an international jury of experts.

GICHD, Silver, 2019
GICHD, Bronze, 2019
LMU Munich, Gold, 2017
LMU Munich, Silver, 2017
Festool Group, Gold, 2013

Presented by a media quality controlling firm, specialising in the classification of audiovisual and digital media. Video formats that may be submitted are corporate communication pieces, educational firms, public information broadcasts and presentations.

TTS Tooltechnic Systems, 2012
Knauf, 2012
Bain & Company, 2011
Roland Berger, 2009
Bain & Company, 2007

The ITVA Awards are presented in multiple categories and are awarded to films tackling economic or sociopolitical issues.

Hasenkamp, Silber, 2011
J.W.Ostendorf, Bronze, 2011
Bain & Company,  Bronze, 2011
Hasenkamp, Gold, 2009
Hasenkamp, Silber, 2009
Bain & Company, 2008
Bain & Company, 2007

Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.

Knauf, Part of the Solution, 2015

The third largest independent film festival in North America.

Festoon Group, Gold, Bronze, 2013

The German Prize for Online Communication has been honoring outstanding achievements by organizations in the field of digital communication since 2011.

GRIMME, Best Recruiting Campaign, 2020

The Employer Branding Award honors the best employer brand in the three main categories: employer positioning, internal branding and HR marketing. The Employer Brand Managers Club honors outstanding projects, initiatives and measures. In 2019, we were delighted to receive the award for best employer brand.

Thank you! We will continue in the same way!

Beste Arbeitgeber Marke 2019

The “NYX Award” is an international award ceremony that honors outstanding achievements in the fields of marketing, communication and creativity. In doing so, the competition honors talents of marketing and communication, from print to digital and promotes valuable, significant projects in the industry. More than 60 countries have participated in the NYX Awards since its inception in 2018, delivering creative, unique content. That’s why we are proud to be among the 2021 Gold Winners in the Series / Campaign – Green / Eco-Friendly category with our image film.

Silgan Closures, GLAME, Gold, 2021

The “Vega Award” honors local and international exceptional achievements in the areas of website, video, mobile, social, animation, marketing and podcasts. The award was named after one of the brightest stars and we were allowed to shine like it – seven times. We have been crowned the golden winner 5 times and received the silver award twice.

Lenzing, #ALetterToAChild, Silber, 2021

MLL, See behind. Go beyond., Gold (best Writing), 2021

MLL, See behind. Go beyond., Gold (Medical), 2021

Allplan, Build The Future – Global Summit, Gold, 2021

Deutsche Börse, Our Story – Deutsche Börse Group in 120 Seconds, Gold, 2021

Leonhard Weiss, Poetry Slam, Gold, 2021

Silgan Closures, GLAME – Social Campaign & Series, Silber, 2021

The Deauville Green Award is an international awards ceremony that celebrates engaged creativity. For over ten years, it has honored the best commercials, institutional films and documentaries that address environmental and social change. It’s also a chance for producers, sponsors and talents to come together and be inspired and raise awareness by outstanding projects.

We were now able to accept the silver award for our Silgan Closure-project “No Choice-Glame” and are incredibly proud. Thank you so much!

Silgan Closures, GLAME – Silver (responsible consumption & eco-labels), 2022

We’ve got 27 wonderful employees who are all full professionals in their field. In addition to their own specialties, they are also all-rounders and indispensable to Al Dente. That’s why we thank each and every one of them and make them all employee of the month – every month. 27x Thank you!



2013 – “Our Values” – for KNAUF
2015 – “Total Authentisch” for Avantgarde Experts


2019 – GICHD (Silver)
2019 GICHD (Bronze)
2017 – “Wissen” – für LMU (Gold)
“Wissen” – für LMU (Silber)
2013 – “Rhythm and Tools” für Festool Group