We want to help you make the most out of every minute of footage shot. This is why we offer not only one, but multiple tailor-made film solutions on the basis of the custom-shot raw material pool that perfectly fits into your communications strategy. We help you capture different target audiences through adapting to different channels. Modern corporate communication lives from utilising a plethora of formats and stories. Whether virals, an explanatory video or serial clips: We enrich your content strategy with moving pictures.

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Content Marketing, and Video Content Marketing in particular, is today’s state of the art in B2B / B2C marketing, and is just starting to gain traction in Europe now.

Even industry insiders don’t understand the meaning of the phrase “Content Marketing” very well. Is it about attention? About relevance? About storytelling? About the digital distribution? The answer: All of the above.

Why Video Content Marketing?
Cutting edge communication strategies are based on storytelling. The created stories are broadcast via all available and relevant platforms, taking into account the particularities of their specific target audiences. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and even your website let you measure and control the performance of your content easily.

It is important to remember that the audience will only watch your video if they personally are entertained by it, and thus derive pleasure from your clip.

Especially for companies focusing on B2B, Video Content Marketing is a completely novel way of nourishing the relationships with their customers. New and regularly appearing content captures the attention of their partners and potentials on every step of the customer journey. Maintaining over time a high quality of content for the enjoyment of applicants, customers and employees alike is key.

From the very start, it is recommended to plan the production in such a fashion that allows Teasers, Trailers, Specials, Mini-Clips and Breakout Stories to be produced efficiently and easily.

Content Marketing – the key elements

Storytelling: If told well, a good story will stick with your viewers. A story can be made good with classical dramaturgical elements such as a strong protagonist, an interesting challenge and a deliberate focus on emotions. Good stories can fundamentally transform and improve your long-term corporate communication.


Going digital: Well-produced stories have measurable effects, especially on digital platforms. They linger in the minds of the viewers, and if they enthral, the chances of them being shared and perhaps even becoming a viral hit rise dramatically. First they are pushed, then they are desired. Being strategic in their distribution is at the core of Video Content Marketing.


Corporate Entertainment: Great stories are without exception: entertaining. They capture hearts and minds. They trigger a feeling, spark emotions. And thus are a communication strategy superior to pure facts and figures. Prove that your company places the human front and centre.


The use of videos on your website increases the chance of it being ranked on the first page of Google by 53%.

Users tend to stay longer on your website if it incorporates videos. That’s because motion pictures are naturally appealing to customers and retain their interest for longer. You create added value for the user, in a best-case scenario along their entire customer journey. This commitment is rewarded by Google’s algorithm with a placement in the first search results. High quality videos enhance your content and cause an immediate and sizeable return to investment.

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