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We want to help you make the most out of every minute of footage shot. This is why we offer not only one, but multiple tailor-made film solutions on the basis of the custom-shot raw material pool that perfectly fits into your communications strategy. We help you capture different target audiences through adapting to different channels. Modern corporate communication lives from utilising a plethora of formats and stories. Whether virals, an explanatory video or serial clips: We enrich your content strategy with moving pictures.




This is precisely where our expertise is of great advantage, to meet the complex requirements of TV broadcasting. We know what matters and deliver results that impress on TV.

Content Marketing

Anyone can view your website. But moving-images offer completely different insights into your company than pure text. For applicants or customers, this means seeing who is really behind the company. They don’t just see text passages or employee photos, but can feel emotions. That makes all the difference. With your content, you offer insights into your company and show what makes it different. In a unique, creative and authentic way.


We are not only known for our individual projects, but also offer series such as weekly TV shows.

Social Media

Social media are becoming increasingly essential and offer almost endless possibilities. Here you can reach your target group quickly, effectively and targeted. The individual platforms are very different. We offer our customers professional consultation on how to use video content for social media, which platforms are best suited for the respective target group and how you succeed with your target group on social media. We combine our solutions so that they fit your company perfectly.

Culture-, Fair- und Event Films

Companies often have to present themselves. Be it at trade fairs, events or other cultural events. The most important thing is that the philosophy, values and vision are clearly communicated. We also offer film solutions that can be used for virtual events, recorded webinars or capturing highlights from your video conferences.

Internal Communication Campaigns

Would you like cinematic support for a company anniversary? Do you need to communicate certain topics, such as corporate social responsibility or an annual review? Or even crisis communication? Here, too, we are the right contact.


The use of videos on your website increases the chance of it being ranked on the first page of Google by 53%.

Durch Videos bleiben Nutzer länger auf Ihrer Seite. Denn bewegte Bilder wecken mehr Emotionen und machen Ihr Angebot attraktiver. Sie bieten dem Nutzer dadurch echten Mehrwert, und das am besten an möglichst vielen Punkten seiner Customer Journey. Dieses Engagement belohnt Google! Mit einer Platzierung unter den ersten Suchergebnissen. Qualitativ hochwertige Videos bereichern Ihren Content und machen sich so für Sie unmittelbar bezahlt.

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We develop a custom-fit, individual and goal-oriented concept for you. The editorial preparation includes the entire planning. Together with you, we set the goals and lay the foundation for your video content. This includes, among other things, the development of a concrete idea, the planning of the content and the shooting, as well as the determination of the time schedule.


We film with the most professional equipment and expertise. Factors such as filming locations, duration and team size result from the developed concept. In parallel, our art department works on all graphics and text elements for your video content. Of course, according to your Corporate Identity guidelines.


The final step: The raw material becomes your finished video content. Our post-production team works according to your expectations and ensures a one-of-a-kind video. In addition to editing, this also includes the incorporation of graphic elements. Colour grading, the right music or a narrator adds the last touches. And best of all: You are involved throughout the entire process – together, we create your perfect content.


What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is a sub-form of marketing and is used to convey content to a specific target audience in the form of videos. Video content marketing entertains, informs or provides other added value for the target audience.

What is Storytelling?

In order for messages to be better remembered, the method of storytelling is used in marketing communication. This is nothing more than packaging messages in a story with characters and dramatization.

How much would Video Content cost?

The cost of video content depends significantly on your individual requirements. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Our films are as diverse as our customers or projects. Ultimately, we want to adapt to you and design your video content to meet your expectations. We offer different variations from which you can choose the one that fits your budget. In case of doubt, you can also tell us films from Al Dente that you particularly like. We can usually give you an approximate budget range.

How is Video Content charged?

First of all, we distinguish between conception and editorial planning, the actual filming and everything that goes into post-production. The general rule is: the higher the effort, the higher the cost. This includes the equipment, the film crew, locations, travel, animation, editing, music and the distribution strategy. We charge transparently and have a simple rule: It has to be correct for both sides, for you and us.

How long does it take to produce a video?

Together with our customers and partners, we always try to set ambitious but realistic time-to-completion targets. A typical production time ranges from one to three months from conception to final delivery. For smaller projects, it can be shorter; larger film packages can also have a significantly longer time frame. We try to avoid quality compromises due to narrow time frames as well as inconvenient approval processes.

What does the process look like?

We produce video content in close cooperation with our customers. This means that we involve you in every step of the process and work with you step by step to reach your goal. The process starts with finding the perfect film solution together with you. The editorial preparation is followed by the planning of the shoot.The most visible part of the process is, of course, the filming. Afterwards, however, a lot happens in post-production. In addition to editing, for example, music, voiceovers or animations are incorporated.

In German, in English or in multiple languages?

For international companies, it often makes sense to create video content in several language versions. Subtitles can be added, or, the more complex variant, the film is dubbed with speakers in the respective national language. Whether and how many different language versions are necessary and in which form depends strongly on your target group and the platforms you wish to use. In general, there is no limit to this. One language? No problem. Five languages? Also no problem. For some customers we have produced up to fifteen different language versions.

What should Video be able to do?

The platforms on which the content is to be promoted plays a crucial role. Instagram, for example, requires a completely different approach than Facebook. It also depends on your ideas and wishes. What do you want to show and who should represent your company? What approach do you want to take? Should your video content be particularly humorous or very touching? We go through all these questions together and find the right solution for you.

Is there a specific contact person I can approach?

Throughout the entire process, from the idea to the finished video content and beyond, you will have one designated contact person. The producer of your film is the one who is in contact with you from the very beginning. They accompany the editorial preparation as well as the shooting and post-production. If you have any questions about video content, you can also reach us at any time by phone at +49 89 1897 0771 or by e-mail at .

Why is Al Dente Entertainment the right film agency for my video content?

We don’t work for you, we work with you. Our creativity is tireless, so we always produce exciting, emotional and unique video content with new and unique ideas. For us, the focus is on people – and our films show that. Perhaps the most important point: we want to understand your company. The offer, the mission statement, the people and the stories behind it. That may be time-consuming, but it’s always worth it.

What is integrated corporate communication / What is integrated communication?

In the field of communications strategy, integrated corporate communications (also known as integrated communications) refers to the coordination of all internal and external communications instruments (e.g., classic advertising, digital advertising, trade shows, PR, …) of a company in terms of content and form.

This is done through the process of networked strategic communication and includes the analysis, planning, organization, implementation and control of the entire corporate communication.

The goal is to ensure that the target group is presented with a consistent and uniform image about the company.

 Video content is also part of corporate communications and must be coordinated with other communications activities.

What is an integrated campaign?

An integrated campaign is understood to be a coordination of all campaign-related communication measures of a company in terms of content and form. The term is thus subordinate to integrated corporate communications since it refers only to a campaign level that is limited in time.

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