It's not about B2C nor B2B. It's about H2H. Human to Human.


Produce the perfect Image Film

If too much information is packed into an image film, it can quickly end up as a moving image brochure. If, on the other hand, the image film is too emotional and contains hardly any information, it becomes meaningless. We believe that a good image film must show one thing above all: The uniqueness of your company. We portray companies in an authentic way, showing real people, real values, the DNA of the company. One size fits all? We are not here for that. Each of our image films is unique.

Building trust with storytelling

Good Image Films don’t exists without a good story. We want to show our customers as they are. Who is behind this company and what makes these people special? Your storytelling determines how you are perceived. We create trust with authentic statements from real testimonials. Stories can be told in a particularly humorous way, but they can also be profound or exciting. In the end, you decide, in cooperation with us, how we will work together to strengthen trust in your company.

Making the company approachable

In an image film, you show more than just a look behind the scenes of your company. You show who you are. We don’t believe in hiding or disguising you. A company becomes approachable when it is transparent for employees, partners or customers. When people can see and feel your values. Companies are different – and that’s exactly what we want to show. A good image film shows in a few minutes who you are, what you stand for and how your company differs from others. Approachable and authentic.


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Benefit for Employees

A good image film not only gives potential applicants the opportunity to form an impression of your company, but also shows longstanding employees how important corporate values are. It makes you proud to see your workplace in a convincing image film and to be able to show it to others. In our image films, many employees have already been able to get in front of the camera – this was obviously fun and also raised the team spirit among colleagues to a new level.

Benefit for Customers

For customers, image films are the ideal tool for a quick and effortless insight into the company. Who are the people who work there? What makes them stand out? What is particularly important to them? Before customers decide on a company, they are often skeptical or compare different companies with each other. In just a few minutes, an image film accomplishes what a laborious website research would.

Benefit for Stakeholders

Who is responsible for this company? How does it stand out from the competition? Such questions play a significant role for stakeholders. Being better than your competitors doesn’t always mean you have to win in numbers. Personality is also crucial. A good image film reflects the nature of a company – for example, it can be particularly humorous or touching. Stakeholders thus have the opportunity to look behind the curtains.


An average user spends 88% more time on a website with videos than on one without.*

Thanks to our corporate entertainment solutions, users will spend more time on your platforms and channels, thus engaging more deeply with your company.



*Source: forbes, 2016

88 Prozent mehr Zeit auf einer Webseite al dente entertainment
88 Prozent mehr Zeit auf einer Webseite al dente entertainment 1




We develop a custom-fit, individual and goal-oriented concept for you. The editorial preparation includes the entire planning. Together with you, we set the goals and lay the foundation for your image film. This includes, among other things, the development of a concrete idea, the planning of the content and the filming as well as the determination of the timeline.


We use the most professional equipment and expertise to shoot the footage. Factors such as filming locations, filming duration and team size result from our developed concept. We make sure that your Corporate Identity is incorporated in project.


Der finale Schritt: Das Rohmaterial wird zu Ihrem fertigen Imagefilm. Unsere Postproduktion arbeitet nach Ihren Vorstellungen und sorgt für einen einzigartigen Look. Dazu gehört neben dem Schnitt auch der Einbau der grafischen Elemente. Elemente wie Color Grading, die passende Musik oder Vertonung durch Sprecher verleihen den letzten Schliff. Sie sind während des gesamten Prozesses involviert – gemeinsam schaffen wir so Ihren rundum perfekten Film.


What is an Image Film?

An image film is a communication tool that is used to portray a company, an institution, a brand, a region or a product in an authentic way. The goals of an image film range from the cinematic external presentation of the company on its own communication channels to increasing awareness. The promotional character remains both subtle and unobtrusive.

What does an image film cost? / What are the image film costs?

The costs for your image film depend heavily on your individual requirements. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” for us. Our films are as different as our customers or projects. After all, we want to adapt to you and design your image film to meet your expectations. In principle, we offer different variations from which you can choose the one that fits your planned budget. In case of doubt, you can also tell us films from Al Dente that you particularly like. Usually, we can at least give you an approximate budget range.

How will the project be charged?

First of all, we distinguish between conception and editorial planning, the actual filming and everything that goes into post-production. The higher the effort, the higher the budget. This includes the equipment, the shooting team, locations, travel, animation, editing, music, the look of the film, and even the distribution strategy. We charge transparently and have a simple rule: It has to be fair to both sides, you and us.

How long does a good image film have to be?

Typical answer here is 90 seconds or three minutes. Both are right, and wrong. The platform for which you need the video for plays a significant role. A video on TikTok or Instagram tends to be shorter, while the film played at the annual general meeting on a video screen with a ten-meter diagonal and Dolby Surround system can be longer. What matters the most is the quality of the film. The last Avengers has the highest income of all time and lasts – three and a half hours. The most successful video on Youtube “Despacito” with six billion views lasts four and a half minutes. It is much more important for us to see how the film is perceived and wheter

How long does an Image Film production take?

First, together with our customers and partners, we always try to set ambitious but realistic time-to-completion goals. A typical production time ranges from one to three months from conception to final delivery. Smaller projects may take less time, while large films might take longer. We try to avoid quality compromises due to too short time frames.

What is the process to my finished image film?

We produce our image films in close cooperation with our customers. This means that we let you participate in every step of the process and, according to your ideas, reach the goal together, step by step. The process starts with finding the perfect film solution together with you. The editorial preparation is followed by the planning of the shoot. The most visible part of the process is, of course, the filming . Afterwards, in addition to editing, music, voiceovers, animations etc. are incorporated.

In German, in English or in several languages?

For international companies, it often makes sense to create an image film in several language versions. Subtitles can be added or the film can be dubbed with speakers in the respective national language. Whether and how many different language versions are necessary and in which form depends strongly on your target group. In general, there is no limit to this. One language? No problem. Five languages? Also no problem. For some customers we have produced up to fifteen different language versions.

What should an Image Film include?

Decide for yourself! Do you want an Image Film that explains the history of the company, your important benchmarks, gives employees and the Executive Board a platform to speak, outlines the company’s mission, locations worldwide and, of course, the most important products or services? We are the wrong partner for moving image brochures. For strong stories that are told in a special and authentic way, we are exactly the right partner.

Is there a specific contact person I can turn to?

Throughout the entire process, from the idea to the finished image film, you will be assigned a contact person. The producer of your film is the one who is in contact with you from the very beginning. He accompanies the editorial preparation as well as the filming and post-production and takes care of you. If you have any questions about our image films, you can also reach us at any time by phone or by e-mail at .

Why is Al Dente Entertainment the right agency for my corporate video?

We don’t work for you, we work with you. Our creativity is tireless, so we always produce exciting, emotional and unique video content with new and unique ideas. For us, the focus is on people – and our films show that. Perhaps the most important point: we want to understand your company. The offer, the mission statement, the people and the stories behind it. That may be time-consuming, but it’s always worth it.

What is the difference between a film agency and a film production?

While a film production deals purely with the implementation of a film, a film agency goes further. It deals with the company or the brand itself, analyzes it, conducts workshops and becomes a campaign partner.

Has Al Dente Entertainment won any Image Film Awards / Movie Awards?

Well, hello there! For example, the Cannes Corporate Video Award or the Web Video Award and many more:

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Do you feel like working with us? Then please let us know what your ideas are.
No matter if you have questions about budget, content or concrete wishes. Just contact us! We look forward to starting a project with you and implementing your ideas in cooperation.



Anna-Maria Brandt
Production & Editing

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