Curtain up for Al Dente!

Creative and professional. Different and yet one team. These are the minds behind Al Dente Entertainment.


Our team is a colorful bunch. And that’s just as well. Everyone does what they do best – and yet we are all somehow all-rounders.

Dietrich Pollak


Tobias Wiedenmann


Louis Lafos

Social Media Content & Analysis

Anna-Maria Brandt

Production & Editing & HR

Ute Schiek

Communication & Clients

David Meadows-Hertig

Head of Production

Max Altenburger


Leander Niederlechner


Luka Klotz

Production & Editorial

Jessica Sterr

Office Management

Pascal Hartmaier

Art & Animation

Sarah Voggenreiter

Art & Design

Felix Weber

Head of Creation

Lorie Sautour

Accounting & Payroll

Peter Schels

Founder & CEO

Andrea Schels

Art & Design

Laura Heck

Art & Animation

Aaron Jordan

Postproduction & Equipment

Fabian Prager


Rebecca Strieder

Camera Assistance & Production & Equipment

Max Munzinger

Production & Editing

Johan Munsberg

Technical Producer

Alexander Maier

Head of Postproduction

Ruben Constantin Jäger



Peter Schels

Now the Managing Director, Peter had been previously working in the media industry for over twenty-five years, including as a film and series curator for RTL and as a producer and director of various award-winning TV formats and shows before he founded al Dente Entertainment in 2004. Schels is a lecturer for corporate film at the Bavarian Television Academy, the LMU Munich and the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Peter collects festival prizes for al Dente as a director and author. He is a member of the Grand Jury at the New York Festival and the Cannes Corporate Awards. Due to his very direct communication philosophy he may be not the best choice for the diplomatic service, but very much so if clear communication is something you desire.

David Meadows-Hertig

Responsible for digitalisation, technology and production. David Meadows-Hertig seeks to constantly expand al Dente’s freelancer network and is always on the lookout for new system improvements (especially regarding his personal sweetheart, the al Dente editing server). He is a juror for the “Deutsche Webvideopreis” (German Web Video Prize) and has let the company drones rise on four continents to date. Considered a very charming late night worker.

Oliver Berger

Co-founder of al Dente Entertainment. Oliver Berger has a stake in a number of other corporate endeavours through his company Berger Venture. As a communications expert (master of all important dialects, even Schwyzerdütsch!) with a unique quick-wittedness, he is a specialist for “ice breaking”. Doesn’t take himself too seriously, like everyone else at al Dente.