Touching and authentic communication solutions – tailored to your corporate philosophy. We offer you the best advisory support and pack your company spirit into lively storytelling. We also pay attention to the requirements of your multi-channel marketing strategy. Our services are to your benefit! Analogous to the AIDA model:

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Communications Strategy Consulting is such a bulky phrase. What exactly do we mean by it?


If you just need a few pretty pictures of your business, that’s fine. We want more. And we offer more. We dive deep into your company and do our research. What are the particularities of your industry? What does your company culture look like? What are your USPs, the true DNA of your company? This is achieved through a combination of diligence and know-how. And it’s worth it.


What is at the core of what you need to communicate? What does the Customer Journey of your clients and the Employer Journey of your co-workers look like? B2B-issues in particular are often bulky and require emotional and intuitive approaches if they are to be understood. This is true of Industry 4.0, digital transformation and change management processes, among many others. We can help you convey your message because we actually understand these difficult topics ourselves.

Being there.

A strong image film is always the result of discipline and creativity. Creating it is a mutual, a reciprocal process. Our workshops are extremely useful especially when topics and communication focuses are just being developed. We offer different sessions that help us understand you and help you to gain clarity – especially when it comes to complex topics.


So you’re interested in implementing a corporate film, but still need to find out how a video can optimally support your marketing strategy?  To help us (and yourself!) clearly grasp the story that your company has to tell, we offer workshops. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge of internal company processes and can quickly recognise the unique potential of a company and its employees.

We pinpoint the most important communication issues with you, deepen your HR-knowledge in the area of employee acquisition and deal with the mission statement and your corporate values like a classic management consultancy. Unlike a classic management consultancy, we then realise the video concepts we have created as opposed to leaving you to figure things out yourself. Let us collaboratively articulate your mission and the vision of your company.

Our workshops build on each other in a modular way. That means: We always starts with the “Basic”-workshop and supplement it with additional topics that are of particular relevance in your case.

Find out which workshop suits you best: Basic, Reflection or Intense. We will be happy to advise you via email or call.



We are filmmakers with B2B know-how and our own art and animation department. We support you not only producing your film but also regarding its distribution. Apart from standard file formats we also produce:
Social Media Content
Making-Of Photos
or different format options an language versions.

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