Evry company is searching for excellent employees. But the best are tough get.


How recruiting works today

To survive in the war for talents, you need to know where and how to find the applicants of today and tomorrow. Generation Z, and therefore the power of your next generation, is more self-determined than ever. They are looking for a job that they enjoy and that doesn’t just feel like sitting for hours. Soft factors such as work-life balance, fulfilling activities and flexible working hours are becoming increasingly relevant. In short, the feeling has to be right.

Opportunities by moving images

For employer branding as well as for recruitment, moving image is an extremely useful tool. Target groups gather information via social and digital platforms. That’s where you score points with film solutions. Even if no one can hear this word anymore, at the end of the day it’s about authenticity. More precisely, about the closeness of your company as an employer brand. And about the chance to stand out from competitors. We know how to do that.

Benefit as a company

A strong company cannot do without employees who are passionate about their job. Finding applicants is one thing. Finding the right applicants for your company is quite another. This is where the true art of recruiting lies. Through active sourcing, the direct approach to the applicant target group, you save a lot of time and effort – and reach exactly those applicants who really want and fit to you



Benefits for applicants

Anyone can study your website. But moving images offer completely different insights into companies than pure text. For applicants, this means seeing who is really behind the company. They don’t just see text passages or employee photos, but can feel emotions. That makes all the difference. With your recruiting film, you offer potential employees insights into your company and show what makes you to the company you are. In a unique, creative and authentic way.

Benefits for employees

Working for a company you’re proud of makes a huge difference to your day-to-day work. Your employees want to be part of your company – not just a workforce. Your recruiting film shows the people who give their all for your company every day, creating a collective feeling. A collegial environment is created in which employees not only fit in with your corporate philosophy, but also with each other. A benefit for everyone.

Benefit for managers

Finding the exact employees who really fit your company – that’s the biggest goal of recruiting films. Because every company is different. With good employer branding, you address the target group that enriches your company and is passionate about what they do. Managers also benefit from this – because satisfied employees always have a positive effect on the company’s success.


It is estimated that in five years, people will be spending approximately 1/5th of their day watching videos online.

People, employees, and companies are increasingly open for change. Talent needs to be approached at just the right time if they are to be encouraged to venture a company change successfully. With scenes that impress and stick. Let us help.

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*Source: Facebook-Keynote, dmexco 2016




We develop a custom-fit, individual and goal-oriented concept for you. The editorial preparation includes the entire planning. Together with you, we set the goals and lay the foundation for your image film. This includes, among other things, the development of a concrete idea, the planning of the content and the filming as well as the determination of the timeline.


We use the most professional equipment and expertise to shoot the footage. Factors such as filming locations, filming duration and team size result from our developed concept. We make sure that your Corporate Identity is incorporated in project.


Der finale Schritt: Das Rohmaterial wird zu Ihrem fertigen Imagefilm. Unsere Postproduktion arbeitet nach Ihren Vorstellungen und sorgt für einen einzigartigen Look. Dazu gehört neben dem Schnitt auch der Einbau der grafischen Elemente. Elemente wie Color Grading, die passende Musik oder Vertonung durch Sprecher verleihen den letzten Schliff. Sie sind während des gesamten Prozesses involviert – gemeinsam schaffen wir so Ihren rundum perfekten Film.


What is a recruiting film?

A recruiting film is a tool that is used in personnel marketing. The goal of recruiting films is to present the company as an employer with a video in order to convince potential applicants. In a recruiting film, the future workplace, the job, the team and the environment can be shown. The company thus becomes close and the working atmosphere as well as the people behind the company can be conveyed in an authentic way. In this way, it becomes clear to the viewer what makes the company tick, what is important to them and whether you will ultimately fit in. Recruiting films are used on the company’s career pages, on social media (for example, as advertising), in online job ads as an additional element, or at recruiting fairs.

What does a recruiting film cost?

The cost of your recruiting film depends heavily on your individual requirements. “One size fits all” does not exist with us. Our films are as different as our customers or projects. Ultimately, we want to adapt to you and design your recruiting film so that it meets your expectations. Basically, we offer different variations from which you can choose the one that fits your planned budget. In case of doubt, you can also tell us films from Al Dente that you particularly like. As a rule, we can at least give you an approximate budget.

Which items are charged?

First of all, we distinguish between conception and editorial planning, the actual shoot and everything that goes into post-production. The simple rule of thumb: The higher the effort, the higher the budget. This includes the equipment, the shooting team, locations and corresponding travel, animation, editing, music, the look of the film, and even the distribution strategy. We charge transparently and have a simple rule: It has to fit for both sides, for you and for us.

How long does a good recruiting film have to be?

Standard answers are 90 seconds or three minutes. Both right, both wrong. Of course, the playback platform plays a role. In fact, it’s always the quality of a film that determines whether it’s seen or not. It’s much more important for us to see how the film is received and accepted. And whether it is the solution for the corresponding communication goals.

How long does a recruiting film production take?

First, together with our clients and partners, we always try to set ambitious but realistic time targets for completion. A typical production time ranges from one to three months from conception to final delivery. For smaller projects, it can be shorter; large film packages can also have a significantly longer time frame. We try to avoid quality compromises due to too narrow time frames as well as circumstantial acceptance processes. This is only possible with trusting and transparent cooperation.

What is the process to my finished recruiting film?

We produce our recruiting films in close cooperation with our customers. This means that we involve you in every step of the process and work with you step by step to reach your goal. Basically, the process starts with finding the perfect film solution together with you. The editorial preparation is followed by the planning of the shoot. The most visible part of the process is, of course, the shoot itself. Afterwards, however, a lot happens in post-production. In addition to editing, for example, music, voiceovers or animations are incorporated.

In German, in English or in several languages?

For international companies, it often makes sense to create a recruiting film in several language versions. Subtitles can be added, or, the more complex variant, the film can be dubbed with speakers in the respective national language. Whether and how many different language versions are necessary and in which form depends strongly on your target group. In general, there is no limit to this. One language? No problem. Five languages? Also no problem. For some customers we have produced up to fifteen different language versions.

What must be included in a recruiting film?

Decide for yourself! Do you really want the recruiting film that tells about the history of the company, lets employees and the management board have their say, outlines the mission statement and shows all the locations worldwide as well as the products and services? Or do you want to show your employees naturally and let them have their say? You’ve come to the wrong place for moving image brochures. For strong stories told authentically, we are the right partner.

Is there a specific contact person I can turn to?

Throughout the entire process, from the idea to the finished recruiting film and beyond, you will have one contact person. The producer of your film is the one who is in contact with you from the very beginning. He or she accompanies the editorial preparation as well as the shooting and post-production. If you have any questions about our recruiting films, you can also reach us at any time by phone +49 89 1897 0771 or by e-mail .

Why is Al Dente Entertainment the right film agency for my recruiting film?

We don’t work for you, we work with you. Our creativity is relentless, so we are always producing exciting, emotional and unique content with new and unique ideas. For us, the focus is on people – and our films show that. Perhaps the most important point: we want to understand your company. The offer, the mission statement, the people and the stories behind it. That may be time-consuming, but it’s always worth it.

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Do you feel like working with us? Then please let us know what your ideas are.
No matter if you have questions about budget, content or concrete wishes. Just contact us! We look forward to starting a project with you and implementing your ideas in cooperation.



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Production & Editing

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